Healing Humanity Fundraiser Campaign

$1.00 On Sale

ITS A TEMPORARY TATTOO!! This is our first fundraiser hosted by the Center. My goal is to create fundraiser campaigns for families and small businesses in need. I've experienced hardships in my business and personal life in the past and now that I can help someone else I want to do all I can! So this is the first of many. The details of this campaign below:

I do several online consults/sessions across several platforms. I talk with people from all over the world about their physical health, wellness, mental, emotional and spiritual health. After hearing a particular, heartbreaking story I felt I must do something. I must help start helping people more. With being in so many organizations in the past I had a great deal of experience with fundraising. So I got creative and started this campaign. The proceeds after production fee of tattoos will all be donated to help a business or family. BUT I want to go a step further. For every one sold if the buyer posts a picture sporting tattoo and tags the page with hashtag #CDHOLISTIC the holistic center will donate an additional 50% OF PROFITS!!! Yes that's right! I'm committed to changing the world. TATTOOS SHIP OUT THE 15th of every month! First shipment 8/1/17 then another 8/15/17. If you order by the 14th of current month yours will ship the following day! ~ONGOING CAMPAIGN~