Great Places to Shop

These are some of my favorite websites!! I love shopping with small business and craft makers as well as bigger companies specializing in all natural/holistic products.  Check them out! If they ever have deals and sales I come across I will share with you guys as well!!!  Check them out!!

Montys Glow is a company based out of Sweden that makes natural skin and hair care products.  Check out my instagram page for the video review of the skin care products.  I love these products and my skin does as well! I do weekly treatments!!

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These protein bars are so delicious!! Ive tried many (I am always looking for something quick and easy to eat while on the go but healthy!!) and these are perfect!! Yummy flavors! They also have cookies, soups, shakes and more!! Definitely worth checking out if your looking for healthier food choices.  

Use coupon code SAVE10 to get 10% off your order!!

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Mannings Handmade Crafty Creations has all natural handmade soaps and skin products.  There is even a line formulated for men.  My fav? The turmeric infused soaps!! Check out my Instagram page for a review of the Turmeric Lemongrass soap!

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Tespo is the KUERIG OF VITAMINS!! THIS IS SO COOL!! So it dispenses your daily dose of vitamins in a shot form!! They sell the dispenser as well as the vitamin packs which are available for men, women, children, sleep, energy and more.  So the whole family can benefit! Check them out!! NON GMO, NO FILLERS ADDED. ALL PREMIUM INGREDIENTS AND LIQUID FORM FOR MAXIMUM ABSORPTION.

CLICK Tespo-The Kuerig of Vitamins

Pure Purpose is a company based out of the UK.  They have the most amazing coffee scrubs my fav being the one infused with-TURMERIC!! Guys I love turmeric.  Research the benefits and you will definitely want to try the coffee scrub! The anti aging oil is light weight, absorbs easily and is definitely what I call skinfood!! 

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NeuroHacker Nootropics that HACK your brain to maximize your potential!!  Nootropics are great to give you the extra boost you need to increase clarity and thinking!! Silicon Valley techs LOVE THIS!!

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Shemen Amour USA is another one of my fav natural product sellers.  The argan oil infused haircare line is WOW!!!! My family loves the products as well!! The hair care line helps hair to be more manageable and definitely encourages growth. Oh and I have to mention they smell absolutely amazing!!!

Shemen Amour USA

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Hydration Health help you stay hydrated through workouts, hot days outside even great for preventing hangovers!! Interested in trying a free sample? Send an email through CONTACT US and I can mail you out one! (offer valid as long as samples are available)

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Get 25% off your first order! Use code: HYDHLTH 25

Check out the Granny Smith Juice Plus movement!! These are all natural fruit based juices that are great for overall well being and aids in weight loss!!! 

Granny Smith Juice Plus

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Corked uses 100% natural and organic essential oils, which have been harvested from eco-friendly farms across the world. Each breath you take will experience the highest quality of essential oils.

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Use coupon code CORKED15OFF to save 15% on first order!!

Yoga Gear for the Yogis- Great prices for all the essentials you need! Bags, apparel and more! They even have items for kids!

CLICK Yoga clothing for You! Use coupon code YCFY20 to save20% off your order

BULUBOX is a monthly subscription box thats cheap, like 10 bucks filled with goodies!! Its a bunch of samples of different products to try.  If you follow my page on instagram @healing_humanity_care you will see a video review I did on the box. The Shitake Mushroom tea with almond milk is good! I mean really good!! Im loving turmeric these days for all the great health benefits it has so that was definitely a plus.  Click the link and check them out!

CLICK Bulu Box-Monthly Subscription box of Goodies!!

Use coupon code: DISCOVERY


ZACA is similar to Hydration Health with keeping you hydrated except it comes in pill form.  Its infused with Japanese Raisin as well.  Interested in trying a sample? Send me an email and I can drop you one in the mail. Sample requests filled upon availability

CLICK ZacaLife-Helps keep you hydrated!