The Essence of a Goddess Oil

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This amazing blend is created in small batches by hand under the full moon and charged under the new moonwith intention of the user connecting with their goddess energy ✨✨✨

This is the essence of a Goddess. This familiar smell will awaken the Goddess Within you!! Sweet, soft smells of healing....

The Goddess, is the “goodness” in all women! Honor the Goddess with this beautiful, light and floral blend of romantic baby rose buds (rosa centifolia), reverent red clover (trifolium pratense) and ruby red saffron (flos carthami).

This Goddess Oil has been accentuated with Angel’s Mist Essential Oil of Rose Absolut.

This Triple Goddess bath/body/perfume oil serves all functions while showering love on the one who enjoys it!

This is a Special Reserve blend, made in very small batches to assure freshness “picked from the vine”!

4 oz, corked bottle, wax sealed.

This is wrapped with a precious CHARM GIFT of a swallow and swallow’s nest with three pearl eggs! Makes a wonderful necklace or special charm for any bracelet or anklet!