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*Free crystal sent out to you after reading to help support you on your path*

Have you been curious about what path you should be on? Are you going in the right direction? Do you feel like no matter what you do in life you self sabotage and unsure how to break those patterns? Wouldn't it be nice to prevent unnecessary occurrences in life by having a blueprint to guide you? Get your Soul DNA reading!

What's a Soul DNA reading?

From birth, the stars aligned to outline our destiny. From using your time and date of birth and location you can be guided in your day to day life challenges so that you can make better decisions and have more fulfilled outcomes leading to more joy. More joy leading to higher vibrations and the ability to truly manifest the life it is you have always wanted.

I began learning about my own Soul DNA over 10 years ago. I'll be honest at first I thought yeah right!!! Until I actually watched the events and occurrences played out in my life. I then began practicing on relatives and friends and they were blown away by the accuracy. I have also done readings for celebrities whom I choose not to name out of respect for their privacy. As I will respect your privacy as well. You can share your results, but I honestly think readings are personal guided instructions your spirit created for you to help you on your path through this lifetime.

I offer comprehensive readings, weekly readings and even daily readings all at different rates.

Need help with an upcoming important decision? Curious about changes going on in your life and how to better understand what's happening, contact me. You can receive your reading in the following ways:

Skype/FaceTime Call

Emailed Report