Certified Crystal Witch Course

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Master the Art of Spell Craft. This course uses the natural elements of crystals, along with plants, food, herbs, oils, incense (and common sense) to help you create a positive and affirming path.

The Crystal Witch: “A Year and A Day of Spells for Empowering Life”

This is a unique and fantastical certification course on the Art of Crafting with Crystals!
Extremely extensive with over 450 pages, this course has been created from the culmination of knowledge and historic wisdom gathered throughout time. It will allow you to see the DIVINE presence in nature and how nature should be honored and respected, loved and protected. This course uses these tools to “spin a spell” or positive affirmation to achieve a desired result!

This is a “magical twist” using crystals, oils, herbs and color to create affirmation spells, fun-filled mojo bags, crafty candles positive intentions. Learn to create talisman, charms and curios to bring about change for good.
Our “do no harm” healing methods are used to craft re-affirming, positive energy for yourself and others.

This course will use the natural flow of energy, the empowering change of seasons, the “natural” laws of nature and the raw magic all around, to help you “see” deeper within yourself, “become” more aware of your own power inside and “allow” you to embrace who you truly can be!


We award those that complete the program with the “Crystal Witch Certification” from the National Association of Holistic Wellness. After completing the course and passing the final exam, students are awarded this certificate. Our Crystal Witch Course has been designed for people who wish to use the knowledge, understanding and techniques of the nature world, rhythm of the seasons and healing from other cultures.


The Crystal Witch Course is focused on the work with crystals in magic. This course also teaches you about using your intuition, magic with herbs, oils, colors, directions, elements, lunar, solar and sympathetic paradigms. You will discover the “art of crafting a spell”. This course helps you craft candles and crystals for intentions, create rituals for each holiday including complimentary oil blends with crystals, incense and casting herbs. You will understand how working “with” the Universal flow helps to manifest your needs and desires.


You will comprehend rituals with crystals and effective methods and techniques that will enhance your approach and outlook and add another dimension to your healing work. You will discover empowerment and crystal therapies for energy work, healing meditations, the way of crafting, brewing and configuring crystals for hundreds of different spells and creations. We include techniques that every Crystal Witch should know.


You will find 100’s of crystal ideas, methods, metaphysical properties, grids spells and rituals. Many are from Course creator’s ancestry, while many others are from the creator’s own personal Book of Shadows. The herbs, oils and non-crystal references come from the creator’s own past historical records and family, friends and teachers. The crystal magic you are about to embark on, incorporates the metaphysical properties, mineral make-up and ancient, as well as modern approaches to spell casting with crystals!


The home study student can work at their own pace and enjoy the benefits of learning whenever they have the time to do so. Everyone can work when they want, on their own time. You may take as long as you wish to complete this course. There are NO deadlines, NO expectations, NO pressure. The intention is to make this a hands-on practical course which becomes a living experience, NOT just interesting reading.


The more knowledge you gain about crystals the more powerful and versatile your “cauldron of magic” will increase. The more available information you have at the ready, the more options, opportunities and openness you will be able to give toward others in your work….and to yourself. Working with crystals and crystal magic is a gift. A gift defined by nature, enhanced by circumstance and encouraged by you! You will find throughout this course, the many uses of crystals in spells, oils, mojo bags, baths, grids, herbs, candles and everyday life!

This incredible course curriculum includes:

Behind the Magic:

* Introduction

* What this course is NOT
* Magic Happens
* Taking Away the Taboo
* Power of Sympathy-etic Magic
* The Hermetic Axiom
* Laws of the Natural Universe
* Our Belief System
* The Power of Spirituality
* Professional Ethics


* Spell Casting: Energy for Change
* The Power of the Circle
* Space Clearing
* Creating Sacred Space
* Creating An Altar

Tools of the Trade:

* Pentagram Explained
* The Elements: Seasonal Timing
* The Cardinal Directions
* The Days of the Week
* The Hours of the Day

Crystal Witchery:

* Metaphysical Properties of Stones
* The Colors of Magic
* Clothes and Color Elicit Response
* Psychological Perspective of Color
* Crystals by the Seasons
* Candle Magic

Herbal Witchery:

* The Herbal Lexicon
* The Magic Essence of Plants
* The Materia Aromatica
Crystal Healing Methods:
* Choosing Your Crystals
* Programming Your Crystals
* Crystal Placement
* Art of Attunement
* Cleansing Your Stones
* Manifesting with the Moon
* Rituals with the Full Moon
* Rituals with the New Moon
* The Seasons of the Year

Magical Approach:

* Metaphysical Properties of Stones
* Crystal Grids
* Grid Layouts
Celtic Wheel of the Year
* Spells for Wheel of the Year
* including:
* Mind. Body, Spirit Exercises
* Recipes for Incense, Oils, Herbal Infusions

* Crystal Spells and Incantations for:

* Samhain
* Yule
* Imbolc
* Ostara
* Beltane
* Litha
* Lammas
* Mabon

Spells by Crystal:

* Agate – Hematite
* Jasper – Rose Quartz
* Sardonyx – Zebra Stone

* Over 100 Spells for:

* Anger
* Astral Travel
* Balance
* Banishing
* Cleansing
* Confidence
* Creativity
* Depression
* Divination
* Fear
* Forgiveness
* Good Luck
* Grief
* Happiness
* Healing
* Intention
* Intuition
* Jealousy/Resentment
* Job
* Journeys
* Knowledge
* Loneliness
* Love
* Manifesting
* Money
* Peace
* Power
* Prosperity
* Protection
* Relationships
* Sex
* Spirit
* Strength
* Success
* Travel
* Work

Tying It All Together

* Gem Essence, Elixirs, Waters
* Making a Corn Dollie
* Crystal Herbals
* Pendulum Dowsing
* Making Crystal Fairy Gardens
* Making A Wand and Besom
* Crystal/Astrological Birthstones
* References
* Finale Exam

What This Course “Is NOT”

This course is not a religion nor does it follow any one religion, creed or particular religious beliefs. It does not embrace the concepts of sin, heaven or hell, the evils of harm, Satanism, animal sacrifice, or the inferiority of women. It is not a course that tells you that you have to dress, act or be a certain way to be a “real practitioner.”

This course does not necessarily follow the lines of witchcraft but pays homage to the Art of Working With Energy! This course, DOES NO HARM. It follows the belief that, working with energy is best utilized when improving “thy self” and “making others aware”. It is not used to bring harm to another, hurt or destroy someone’s life or curse another.

This course does not pass blame or responsibility. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. Personal responsibility is the key. Regardless of any behavior, one must be willing to accept the consequences of their actions.

This course does not have you believing in divine beings, fairies, goddesses, gods or ghosts. It will not dictate to you in regards to your belief in anything BUT YOURSELF.
This course does not have you living by any code. The code you should live by is the code anyone should live by….respect yourself and respect others.


You will gain over 300-hours upon successful completion of this program. Andrew teaches the unique methods of using crystals and magic, which is found in everyday life!
The strength of this course teaches you the art of intention or finding focus in order to bring awareness to our life. You will learn the use of intuition, often considered the ability to synthesize and deduce , therefore, “knowing” much more than we realize and our state of mind. Used as the key to finding the ingredients we need for change.

When you change your mind (or way you look at things around you) your way of interacting with the world, changes.


Immersion in a holistic learning community dedicated to the calling of natural healing and compassionate service.

You will have ALL Access to every aspects: color therapy pages, the meditation village, therapy modalities, online library and online help and assistance, when in need.
You are given FREE access to our 10,000+ members community, Alternative Answers and our 1500+ members community, Stones and Crystals

Immerse yourself, discuss and engage in conversations and the power of community shared by others with your own interests!


As our “thank you to you”, once you have passed your course, we offer you a FREE listing in the International Therapists Directory.

This world-wide listing gives others access to your practice! You can share your important information with those who are seeking your service and help.

This directory is endorsed by the National Association of Holistic Wellness. We have teamed up with the world leader in database and communication – nSphere unlocking the world’s local information and is powered by a unique approach to local search that has generated results for thousands of data partners.

Your official “Crystal Witch” Certification offers you new and exciting professional possibilities anywhere in the World! You will receive your one program book filled with information, lessons, quizzes, the final test exam, in the mail, as soon as you join!
Working with stones and minerals in the capacity of spell casting can have a profound affect on this mystical paradigm. Bringing awareness can transform the mental-emotional experience, which in turn can change the way you handle a physical situation. It may even change your path of intention in ways you have not even begun to imagine!

The Crystal Witch PLUS Experience

With this version, you will receive your one program book filled with information, lessons, quizzes, the final test exam as soon as you join!

You will also receive:

*10 semi-precious stones for spells & magic workings
*1 – 2 oz. Mystic MOON Glow Anointing Oil
*1 Pack of Magical Incense Cones
*1 – 2 oz. Bag of Incense Powder
*1 – 2 oz. Bag of Casting Herbs
*1 – 2 oz. Bag of Sea Salt
*1 Magic 2″x3″ Candle

These tools will allow you to start work right away by applying what you are learning with the course!